How is The ESB DJ/MC incorporated into the evening?

The ESB DJ/MC can provide ambience music and MC services as soon as guests arrive and throughout the evening (as needed). We custom design our performance for you specifically per your instructions. Any DJ/MC service you need…

  • announcements and introductions
  • mic and speakers for “welcomes”, “toasts”, “blessings”, etc.
  • ambience music during cocktails and dinner
…can ALL be happily provided!

How much time does ESB’s Price Quote buy us?

Our pricing model represents up to 4 hours of ESB LIVE (plus all DJ/MC services beginning when guests arrive, and throughout the evening as needed).

If I want a “shorter than 4 hour” performance time, can I get a discount?

You are purchasing the bands entire afternoon and evening (at least, depending on travel). On the day of your event, ESB will travel and ship equipment to your event site, load in the equipment, set up and sound check, and all of this will be completed before any guests arrive. That evening, after you and all the guests have departed, ESB will still be tearing down, loading out, packing gear, and traveling. As you can see, “length of performance” has very little to do with the amount of time and expenses that are all written into our turn-key pricing.

How many songs will they perform in a normal night?

Each set ESB plays is non-stop hit machine custom tailored to your gathering. ESB is the best in the business at reading a crowd and providing just the right mix of songs (at the appropriate volume) for your attendees. You can expect to hear an average of 50-60 songs over a 4 hour performance time.

How many breaks do they take and how long are they?

You’re not hiring a band to take breaks! That’s why ESB only takes a maximum of two 15 minute breaks in a normal 4 hour performance (or as directed by your evening timeline).

Can ESB and their DJ/MC enhance our event theme with special theme music and costuming?

Of course! ESB custom tailors everything for you. It’s your special event, and we will do everything possible to make our performance exactly what you want for your guests. (see theme costuming pictures of ESB from previous events).

Can ESB’s MC introduce our (CEO, featured speaker, wedding party, etc) and make all other announcements throughout the event as needed?

ESB’s professional MC will happily provide any and all needed announcements and introductions throughout the evening. Attention to detail is the order of the day and ESB strives to exact all your directions and special needs!

Will ESB’s set up crew have everything set before our guests arrive?

All of ESB’s equipment can be in position, tested, and ready for ESB’s Performance before your guests arrive (based on your event timeline). ESB’s Performance opening is designed to create a very professional first impression with your guests.

We are providing a production company for our entire event. Will ESB work cooperatively with them?

ESB will contact your production supervisor in advance and make every preparation necessary for a smooth, professional interaction with the production team (and guarantee a seamless performance for the audience, and a “no worries” enjoyable experience for you). The ESB team is tops in professionalism and cooperation.

Who (and what instruments) make up the 6, 7, 8, 9 (and on up) ensemble sizes?

6-piece = The ESB Foundational Ensemble performs every ESB show.

  • Faith Marie – Lead Vocals & Keyboards
  • Nick Lemmo – Lead Vocals & Percussion
  • Brian Marshall Goodwin – Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, & MC
  • Bryan England – Guitar, MC & Vocals
  • David Clawson – Drums & Vocals
  • Rick Long – Sound Engineer-DJ 

Additional ESB performers are selected from an elite pool of top professional entertainers. Many of our clients choose to add The ESB Horns (1 to 6 added horn players), and/or The ESB Dancers (1 to 4 added, professionally choreographed dancers).

Can I provide ESB and their DJ with a song list, a schedule of events, and my preferred songs for the evening?

Of course! ESB custom tailors everything for you. It’s your special event, and we will do everything possible to make your celebration exactly what you envision.

Will ESB learn any “special requests” that are not currently on The ESB Playlist?

ESB would be happy to learn up to TWO songs (per contract) that are not currently on their extensive playlist. We ask you to submit those “special requests to be learned” no less than 30 days before your event (in order to acquire, arrange music)

We have other entertainers performing the same day as ESB. Can they use ESB’s production equipment?

ESB leases equipment and engineers from a sub-contracted “production company”. They are paid by ESB for all services provided for us. They will be happy to provide a price quote like they have provided for ESB, for any services needed by other entertainers that will be performing on the same stage with ESB. In addition, ESB and their production company will work very cooperatively with other entertainers to make “stage change of artists” a fast, smooth, and professional operation.

How does ESB determine their performance price?

ESB’s pricing is based on “demand” (and travel). Saturdays are the highest demand/priced days of the week; Fridays are next on our “demand/price scale”; then Sunday, and weekdays are lowest demand/price. Each MONTH has a different demand/price position on ESB’s “demand scale”.

What can you tell me about having live horn players, or not having live horn players?

If you opt for no live horn players, the horn parts/sounds are produced via modern loop technology. The songs ESB performs are not changed (live horn players don’t add additional songs).
If you add live horns, ESB’s performance is enhanced both visually and sonically by the additional live performers on stage playing real instruments. You have made the decision to hire a live band instead of a DJ, and choosing live horns is a similar decision.

Does choosing live horns players add performers on the stage or do the foundational musicians just switch instruments?

If you add a live horn player(s), there is an additional performer on stage for each horn player added (add 1 horn player – 1 additional performer on stage, add 2 horn players – 2 additional performers on stage, etc. etc.)

Would adding just one horn make enough of a difference?

If you add one live horn player, he plays along with the keyboard horn sounds, which enhances the “live” element sonically (horn ensemble parts played on the keyboard sound bigger and better with a live horn added). ESB then has a second soloist (not just guitar solos during instrumental sections of songs). The flashy brass on stage and the additional live musician enhances ESB’s performance visually (see above answer).

What is the most “bang for the buck” in added live horns?

The most “bang for the buck” is 2 added horn players because you then have a “live horn ensemble” for minimal cost.


How many new songs can the band learn for say one of the formal dances?

ESB would be happy to learn up to TWO songs that are not currently in their extensive playlist. We ask you submit those choices no less than 30 days before your event.

If the songs we choose are long, can we have our formal dance requests shortened?

We offer a service (at no additional charge) where we can shorten the original or the live version ESB plays to a more comfortable 2 minutes or so depending on the song. We have found many people feel this a perfect length for the formal dances when you’re the only people on the dance floor!

Are we required to provide dinner for the band?

While you are not required, any hospitality you provide (food, snacks, drinks, etc) is always GREATLY appreciated prior to the band’s performance (after set-up and sound-check if possible).